M. S. Jaafar

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BACKGROUND Thirty-nine patients have been described with deletions involving chromosome 6p25. However, relatively few of these deletions have had molecular characterization. Common phenotypes of 6p25 deletion syndrome patients include hydrocephalus, hearing loss, and ocular, craniofacial, skeletal, cardiac, and renal malformations. Molecular(More)
Blood samples were acquired from 60 women aged 20 to 44 years having decreased fertility, infertile or with uterine tumors in the Iraqi Kurdistan region. A pilot experiment was performed to determine alpha radionuclides in powder blood. The concentrations of alpha emitters in powdered blood ranged from 0.0036ppm in Eiskan to 0.0096 ppm in Halabjay–Kon in(More)
The bending stiffness of the alveolar wall is theoretically analyzed in this study through analytical modeling. First, the alveolar wall facet and its characteristics were geometrically simplified and then modeled using known physical laws. Bending stiffness is shown to be dependent on alveolar wall thickness, density, Poisson’s ratio and speed of the(More)
This study consists of two parts: the first part is concerned with designing a new radon chamber that is constructed using a continuous radon monitor together CR-39 Nuclear Track Detectors (NTDs). The aim behind designing such a chamber is to measure radon at different times. The chamber has a cubic shape and it is made of pixy glass with a volume of 0.125.(More)
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