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We report a highly sensitive means of measuring cellular dynamics with a novel interferometer that can measure motional phase changes. The system is based on a modified Michelson interferometer with a composite laser beam of 1550-nm low-coherence light and 775-nm CW light. The sample is prepared on a coverslip that is highly reflective at 775 nm. By(More)
  • Xingyuan Chen, Haruko Murakami, Melanie S Hahn, Glenn E Hammond, Mark Rockhold, Xingyuan Chen +13 others
  • 2013
"Three-dimensional Bayesian geostatistical aquifer characterization at the Hanford 300 Area using tracer test data" (2012). US Department of Energy Publications. Paper 309. [1] Tracer tests performed under natural or forced gradient flow conditions can provide useful information for characterizing subsurface properties, through monitoring, modeling, and(More)
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