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The current available data on protein sequences largely exceeds the experimental capabilities to annotate their function. So annotation in silico, i.e. using computational methods becomes increasingly important. This annotation is inevitably a prediction, but it can be an important starting point for further experimental studies. Here we present a method(More)
One of the main trends in the prokaryote genomics is the comparative analysis of metabolic pathways. This method can be used for the analysis of experimentally studied systems of co-regulated genes, as well as genes with unknown regulatory signals. In this study we apply the comparative analysis of regulatory signals to the genes of the enzymes for fatty(More)
Nitrate and nitrite are preferred respiration oxidants during anaerobic conditions. In Escherichia coli such nitrate- and nitrite respiration is controlled by homologous transcriptional factors NarL and NarP. Although this system was intensively studied during the last two decades, the exact mechanisms of regulation and the structure of the NarL binding(More)
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