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A prospective mortality study was conducted over a period of 5 years on a group of 13,801 iron miners, who were alive on January 1, 1982. During this 5-year period, 1813 deaths were registered. For 1222 (67.4%), the cause of death and work history are known. For 135 (7.4%), the cause of death is known, but not the work history. For 455 (25.1%), the cause of(More)
We collected 98 cases of single atrial septal defect. Analytical study of the pulmonary vasculature and the shape of the heart allowed us to differentiate 71 cases of pulmonary hypervascularity with increased cardiothoracic index and an appearance of right ventricular dilatation. The left inferior segment was usually straight, but sometimes convex, with a(More)
Pre- and post-operative radiological appearances of various isolated congenital malformations of the hand are described, as observed in a personal series of 52 cases. Six groups of malformations can be distinguished, and are, in decreasing order of frequency: agenesias, syndactylies, duplications, amniotic bands, arthrogryposis, and macrodactyly.
UNLABELLED Paediatric medicines are often prescribed off label because appropriate clinical and pharmacological studies have not been conducted in children. A European directive is being written to promote the development of paediatric medicines through incentives to pharmaceutical companies, as is already the case in the US. METHOD In order to evaluate(More)
Chest roentgenograms were carried out in 98 children with atrial septal defects and showed in 71 of them an increase of the pulmonary vascular markings, an increased heart index and right ventricular enlargement. In other children, abnormalities were either incomplete (18 cases) misleading (7 cases) or normal (2 cases). Echocardiogram was characteristic in(More)
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