M. S. Emery

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Carbon nanofibres aerosolized by the agitation of as-produced commercial powder have been characterized in situ by using the differential mobility analyser-aerosol particle mass analyser (DMA-APM) method to determine their structural properties such as the effective density and fractal dimension for toxicology study. The effective density of the aerosolized(More)
Progress in personal computing has recently permitted small research programs to design and simulate application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). Inexpensive fabrication of silicon chips can then be obtained using chip foundries, and quite complex circuits can be greatly reduced in size with an accompanying increase in certain performance(More)
Further author information – C. L. B. for the collaboration (correspondence) Email: brittoncl@ornl.gov, Telephone: (423) 574-1878. Selectively coated cantilevers are being developed at ORNL for chemical and biological sensing. The sensitivity can exceed that of other electro-mechanical devices as parts-per-trillion detection can be demonstrated for certain(More)
Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) are developing selectively coated cantilever arrays in a surface-micromachined MEMS process for very high sensitivities in chemical and biological sensing. Toward this end, we have developed a one-dimensional (1-D) 10-element microcantilever array that we have coated with gold for mercury sensing and(More)
Scanned, single-channel optical heterodyne detection has been used in a variety of lidar applications from ranging and velocity measurements to differential absorption spectroscopy. We describe the design of a coherent camera system that is based on a two-dimensional staring array of heterodyne receivers for coherent imaging applications. Experimental(More)
The system architecture and test results of the custom circuits and beam test system for the Multiplicity-Vertex Detector (MVD) for the PHENIX detector collaboration at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) are presented in this paper. The final detector per-channel signal processing chain will consist of a preamplifier-gain stage, a current-mode This(More)
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