M. S. El-Sherif

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Estimating the flows of rivers can have significant economic impact, as this can help in agricultural water management and in protection from water shortages and possible flood damage. The first goal of this paper is to apply neural networks to the problem of forecasting the flow of the River Nile in Egypt. The second goal of the paper is to utilize the(More)
Data clustering algorithms play an important role in effectively navigating, summarizing, and organizing information. Inspired by the self-organized behaviour of bird flocks, a new dynamic clustering approach based on Particle Swarm Optimization is proposed. In this paper, we introduced the PSDC approach, new particle swarm-like agents for multidimensional(More)
The problem of detecting and tracking SPAMM tags has been the focus of cardiac MRI in the past few years. Among the many methods proposed to do that, the harmonic phase method (called HARP) has a large potential to enable real-time tracking. We propose two improvements to the original HARP technique to address the problem of magnetic field inhomogeneity and(More)
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