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A conforming representation composed of two-dimensional finite elements and finite Fourier series is applied to three-dimensional nonlinear non-ideal magnetohydrodynamics using a semi-implicit time-advance. The self-adjoint semi-implicit operator and variational approach to spatial discretization are synergistic and enable simulation in the extremely stiff(More)
It is found that resistive wall modes with a toroidal number n = 1 in tokamaks can be stabilized by plasma rotation at a low Mach number, with the rotation frequency being lower than the ion bounce frequency but larger than the ion and electron precession drift frequencies. The stabilization is the result of the shear-Alfvén resonance, since the thermal(More)
The fully self-consistent simulation of energetic particle turbulence and transport in burning plasmas such as ITER must incorporate three new physics elements: (i) kinetic effects of thermal particles at the thermal ion gyroradius (micro scale), (ii) nonlinear interactions of many meso scale (energetic particle gyroradius) shear Alfvén waves induced by the(More)
Recent DIII-D experiments with reduced neutral beam torque and minimum nonaxisymmetric perturbations of the magnetic field show a significant reduction of the toroidal plasma rotation required for the stabilization of the resistive-wall mode (RWM) below the threshold values observed in experiments that apply nonaxisymmetric magnetic fields to slow the(More)
We would like to verify the correlation among various citation indicators of 62 Korean scientific journals listed in the Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus. From a total of 85 Korean journals listed in both WoS as of January 2013, and 132 journals listed in Scopus as of 2011, 62 Korean journals listed in both citation indices were selected for analysis.(More)
The stability of the resistive-wall mode (RWM) in DIII-D plasmas above the conventional pressure limit, where toroidal plasma rotation in the order of a few percent of the Alfve n velocity is sufficient to stabilize the n=1 RWM, has been probed using the technique of active MHD spectroscopy at frequencies of a few Hertz. The measured frequency spectrum of(More)
PROBLEM AND BACKGROUND Since the mid-1990s, a large number of foreign women have migrated from developing countries to South Korea by means of international marriages. These nulliparous foreign women may experience more difficulties in pregnancy and childbirth than native Koreans. AIM This study aimed to describe the meaning of the first childbirth(More)
BACKGROUND Differences in the incidence of SIDS between 'Western' and 'Eastern' countries has been attributed to cultural practices, which may affect the infants care and thermal environment. AIM The purpose of this work was to estimate for selected 'commonly' used bedding, sleep positions and practices in Japan, Korea and New Zealand, the intrinsic 'dry'(More)
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