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It is known that overlapping tissues cause highly complex projections in chest radiographs. In addition, artificial objects, such as catheters, chest tubes and pacemakers can appear on these radiographs. It is important that the anomaly detection algorithms are not confused by these objects. To achieve this goal, the authors propose an approach to train a(More)
Fitting a set of points with a B-Spline curve is a usual CADG application, which remains an open problem due to the choice of parameter values. The crucial point is to find optimal parameter values which lead to an optimal approximation curve. Since these parameter values are only a first guess, parameter correction can be used to improve parameterization.(More)
Gümüş(I) iyonlarının poli(vinilferrosenyum)/klorür (PVF Cl) ile modifiye edilmiş platin elektrotunda önderiştirilmesi ve diferansiyel puls anodik sıyırma voltametrisi ile tayini çalışıldı. Belirlenen optimum koşullarda 1x10 M 5x10 M ve 5x10 M 1x10 M derişim aralıklarında iki adet doğrusal kısmı bulunan bir kalibrasyon eğrisi elde edildi. Tayin sınırının(More)
A new surface based on poly(vinylferrocenium) (PVF(+))-modified platinum electrode was developed for determination of Hg(2+) ions in aqueous solutions. The polymer was electrodeposited on platinum electrode by constant potential electrolysis as PVF(+)ClO(4)(-). Cl(-) ions were then attached to the polymer matrix by anion exchange and the modified electrode(More)
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