M. S. Burlakovskiy

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The inbreed line of Nicotiana tabacum L. plants harboring a heterologous gene of bovine interferon-gamma sIFNG under the control of constitutive 35S CaMV promoter was created by Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation. The transformation of leaf discs yielded six independent transgenic plants (T0 generation). All six transformants demonstrated(More)
Cytokines are a family of signaling polypeptides involved in intercellular interactions in the process of the immune response, as well as in the regulation of a number of normal physiological functions. Cytokines are used in medicine for the treatment of cancer, immune disorders, viral infections, and other socially significant diseases, but the extent of(More)
The use of plant systems as bioreactors is steadily gaining more significance in modern biotechnology. Many substances including pharmaceuticals can be produced using transgenic plants. The advantages of plants compared to the conventional bioreactors—microorganisms and animal cell cultures—are product safety and lower production costs. One of the promising(More)
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