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The regional distribution in brain, distribution volumes, and pharmacological specificity of the PET 5-HT(2A) receptor radiotracer [(18)F]deuteroaltanserin were evaluated and compared to those of its non-deuterated derivative [(18)F]altanserin. Both radiotracers were administered to baboons by bolus plus constant infusion and PET images were acquired up to(More)
A series of novel piperidine based analogs of cocaine was synthesized and evaluated in vitro against the three monoamine transporters to develop new potential selective SERT radiotracers. Modification of the phenyl substitution with five-membered heterocyclic groups resulted in a wide affinity and selectivity scale. Radiolabeling and mouse in vivo study was(More)
The suitability of an (123)I-labeled form of the putative D(4) receptor ligand L750,667 as a radiotracer for single photon emission computed tomography imaging was assessed in nonhuman primates. [(123)I]L750,667, labeled by iododestannylation, was administered to baboons in bolus and bolus plus constant infusion paradigms and imaged for 6 h. Total(More)
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