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The Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) aims to promote appropriate, timely and quality cash and voucher programming as a tool in humanitarian response and preparedness. Originating from the will to gather the lessons learnt from the Tsunami emergency response in 2005, the CaLP is today composed by Oxfam GB, the British Red Cross, Save the Children, the(More)
2 The North-South discussion paper series produced by the Wageningen UR North-South Centre is a working paper series that aims at stimulating debates on overarching development issues related to the Wageningen UR areas of nutrition and health, sustainable agrosystems, a viable environment and processes of social change. The papers introduce fresh insights(More)
  • Muriel Calo, Timothy A Wise, +17 authors Elanor Starmer
  • 2005
Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank the Oaxacan Coffee Producers' Network (CEPCO) for hosting the case study research and cooperating in the collection of data and information. Salazar shared professional insights from their work with small coffee producers and made possible visits into the coffee communities. Policarpo Faustino García Pineda(More)
Privacy and innovation intersect in a variety of ways. For instance, a desire for privacy can spark specific or general innovation. It was the invention of the Hush-A-Phone, after all, a telephone receiver attachment intended to reduce the risk that a conversation would be overheard, that opened the door to device innovation in telephony in the 1950s. 1 An(More)
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