M. Rullán

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Dynamic control of gene expression can have far-reaching implications for biotechnological applications and biological discovery. Thanks to the advantages of light, optogenetics has emerged as an ideal technology for this task. Current state-of-the-art methods for optical expression control fail to combine precision with repeatability and cannot withstand(More)
The invention of the Kalman filter is a crowning achievement of filtering theory-one that has revolutionized technology in countless ways. By dealing effectively with noise, the Kalman filter has enabled various applications in positioning, navigation, control, and telecommunications. In the emerging field of synthetic biology, noise and context dependency(More)
The LLDFT rules used in this work allow to avoid some hard to detect faults or even undetectable faults on a cell library by modifying the cell layout whithout changing their behaviour and achieving a good level of reliability. These rules avoid some open faults or reduce their appearance probability. The main purpose has been to apply that set of LLBFT(More)
Difference between ZSSQ and ZDDQ testing strategies is presented, discussing the dependency of area overhead and sensing speed on the technology. The current sensor implementation sty(e suitable for cell-based design methodology or semi-custom design style is proposed. Experimental results for each strategy are discussed. Finally, different types of(More)
In order to achieve a good level of reliability we use a test strategy based on Layout Level Design For Testability (LLDFT) rules. These rules prevent the faults or reduce the appearance probability of them. We apply a practical set of LLDFT rules on the cells of the library designed on the Centre Nacional de Microelectrbnica in order to obtain a highly(More)
SUMMARY Testing should be evaluated as the ability of the test patterns to cover realistic faults, and high quality IC products demand high quality testing. We use a test strategy based on physical design for testability (to discover both open and short faults, which are difficult or even impossible to detect). Consequen-tially, layout level design for(More)
The study of gene expression at the single-cell level has exposed the importance of stochasticity for the behavior of cellular systems. Research on cellular variability has mostly relied on observing expression either in response to natural stimuli or to constant gene regulators. However, the ability to probe cells individually can lead to a deeper(More)
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