M. Ruiz-Cabello

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This letter explores the influence of the geometry of bias electrodes in the performance of terahertz (THz) photoconductive antennas (PCAs). To this end, a methodology is presented to calculate numerically the operational bandwidth and radiation efficiency of the PCAs. The procedure is validated through a comparison to experimental measurements. Also,(More)
AIM Upper oesophageal pH monitoring may play a significant role in the study of extra-oesophageal GERD, but limited normal data are available to date. Our aim was to develop a large series of normal values of proximal oesophageal acidification. METHODS 155 healthy volunteers (74 male) participated in a multi-centre national study including oesophageal(More)
We present the case of a 63-year-old female who with no previous history presented with episodes of self-limited diarrhea without fever, general repercussions, abnormal elements or tenesmus. Biochemistry: no abnormality. Parasite and feces culture: negative. Colonoscopy: at 20 to 40 cm from the anal margin were found polypoid lesions covered with normal(More)
We present the case of a 56 year old woman with Caroli's disease associated to congenital liver fibrosis, renal nephrocalcinosis and cutaneous vasculitis of the legs. Clinical signs of portal hypertension were treated by a shunt technique. After an asymptomatic period, the patient suffers now from crisis of angiocholitis.
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