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Demographic trends regarding the issue of aging underscore the fact that both current situations and future trends directly concerns all of us. Aging is the reality for the future world. The pace at which demographic transition develops varies among countries and regions of the world, but most of the developed and developing countries will be challenged by(More)
The measurement of the intensity of a wave propagating in a random medium results in a random signal response, the statistical properties of which are functions of the radiation wavelength and the ratio between the characteristic scale of the spatial intensity pattern and the size of the receiver aperture. In this paper, using multiscale solutions for(More)
Eleven non-routine biochemical and clinical indicators (selected of 26 preliminarily estimated) in Petrochemical Plant workers and in controls, localized in an increasing distance from the Plant (3-18-40 km), have been measured. Even in the 3 km distance, no effects of the Petrochemical Plant have been found. All the exposed groups exhibited changes in(More)