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The von Willebrand factor cleaving protease (VWFCP) modulates the von Willebrand factor (VWF) multimeric size in normal plasma. VWFCP activity levels are decreased in different physiological and pathologic situations. Different techniques have been developed to unfold the purified VWF (perfusion at high shear rate, dialysis against urea in nitrocellulose(More)
We developed a new method for the detection of large von Willebrand factor (vWf) multimers binding to collagen and for the determination of vWf antigen (vWf:Ag) using flow cytometry. Collagen is coated on to polystyrene beads, allowing detection of found large vWf multimers. In addition, rabbit antibody against vWf is coated on to the beads allowing(More)
To determine the ability of monocyte phagosomal acidification in chronic paracoccidioidomycosis, 13 patients were recruited at different times during follow-up and compared with 18 normal controls. Eight patients were studied at diagnosis, six of them also during treatment and five additional patients after ending treatment. Phagosomal acidification of(More)
Fraction (F) II and FIII obtained by heparin-Sepharose after digestion of partially purified fibronectin (FN) with cathepsin D and F3, obtained like FIII but from untreated FN, exerted activity (arFN) on unfolded purified von Willebrand factor (vWF) that controls vWF multimer size. Our aim was to evaluate the arFN of F from commercial FN, commercial 30 kDa(More)
In patients with chronic paracoccidioidomycosis (n = 10), levels of tumor necrosis factor alpha, interleukin-10, and interleukin-2 in serum, measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (in picograms per milliliter, as mean +/- standard error of the mean), were higher than in normal controls (n = 8): 186 +/- 40 versus 40 +/- 7 (P < 0.05), 203 +/- 95 versus(More)
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