M. Roman

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  • Bill Carpenter, Mark Roman, Nick Vasilatos, Myron Zimmerman
  • 1997
This paper describes a subsystem for the Windows NT 4.0 Operating System which implements a kernel-mode execution environment for Win32 compatible tasks and threads that have hard real-time performance characteristics (deterministic interrupt response and dispatch la-tencies). This subsystem is a proper OS extension which requires no modifications to the(More)
BACKGROUND Acupuncture is increasingly being used for many conditions including chronic neck pain. However the evidence remains inconclusive, indicating the need for further well-designed research. The aim of this study was to conduct a pilot randomised controlled parallel arm trial, to establish key features required for the design and implementation of a(More)
T he wireless Web will be dominated by the dissemination of personal content created by individuals in real time. Today, a primitive form of wireless personal content creation and dissemination exists through camera phones and carriers supporting multimedia messaging. This format allows only point-to-point media distribution— the user takes a picture and(More)
Natural products chemistry is the discipline that lies at the heart of modern pharmacognosy. The field encompasses qualitative and quantitative analytical tools that range from spectroscopy and spectrometry to chromatography. Among other things, modern research on crude botanicals is engaged in the discovery of the phytochemical constituents necessary for(More)
BACKGROUND Uridine is a therapy for hereditary orotic aciduria and is being investigated in other disorders caused by mitochondrial dysfunction, including toxicities resulting from treatment with nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors in HIV. Historically, the use of uridine as a therapeutic agent has been limited by poor bioavailability. A food(More)
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