M. Rokonuzzaman

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Unstructured environments pose significant challenges to the operation and control of mobile robots. Thorough task planning is often not possible due to the unpredictable nature of the workspace environment. For example, in underground mining environments, the operator generally does not have accurate global knowledge of the environment, making it difficult(More)
Over the years significant research has been performed for machine vision based fabric inspection systems in order to replace manual inspection, which is time consuming and not accurate enough. Automated fabric inspection systems mainly involve two challenging problems: one is defect detection and another is classification, which remains elusive despite(More)
The global market for textile industry is highly competitive nowadays. Quality control in production process in textile industry has been a key factor for retaining existence in such competitive market. Automated textile inspection systems are very useful in this respect, because manual inspection is time consuming and not accurate enough. Hence, automated(More)
Abstract— Articulated robots are generally driven by electric motors where proper controlling signal with proper time synchronism are needed to have control over the movement of the robot. Electric motors employed for the motion control must be operated sequentially and with certain time duration. This paper discusses the motion control of an articulated(More)
This study introduces process centric Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for managing challenges for coding phase of software development cycle. The approach represents WBS as a process centric view to understand the inter relationships and dependencies between activities. Suggested WBS reduces complexities and gaps of the project plan and its execution by(More)
Small software companies can neither be typical software product company like Microsoft, nor afford to develop each customized application for individual customer from clean slate without taking into consideration of reuse. Systematic reuse is an opportunity of continued cost reduction and quality improvement in software delivery. Small software companies(More)
Requirement engineering is a key ingredient for software development to be effective. Apart from the traditional software requirement which is not much appropriate for new emerging software such as smart handheld device based software. In many perspectives of requirement engineering, traditional and new emerging software are not similar. Whereas requirement(More)