M. Rokonuzzaman

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—Over the years significant research has been performed for machine vision based fabric inspection systems in order to replace manual inspection, which is time consuming and not accurate enough. Automated fabric inspection systems mainly involve two challenging problems: one is defect detection and another is classification, which remains elusive despite(More)
Requirement engineering is a key ingredient for software development to be effective. Apart from the traditional software requirement which is not much appropriate for new emerging software such as smart handheld device based software. In many perspectives of requirement engineering, traditional and new emerging software are not similar. Whereas requirement(More)
Quality control at each stage of production in textile industry has become a key factor to retaining the existence in the highly competitive global market. Problems of manual fabric defect inspection are lack of accuracy and high time consumption, where early and accurate fabric defect detection is a significant phase of quality control. Computer vision(More)
The global market for textile industry is highly competitive nowadays. Quality control in production process in textile industry has been a key factor for retaining existence in such competitive market. Automated textile inspection systems are very useful in this respect, because manual inspection is time consuming and not accurate enough. Hence, automated(More)
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