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We study travelling-wave solutions for a reaction-diffusion system arising as a model for host-tissue degradation by bacteria. This system consists of a parabolic equation coupled with an ordinary differential equation. For large values of the 'degradation-rate parameter' solutions are well approximated by solutions of a Stefan-like free boundary problem,(More)
We apply exact high-temperature series expansions of the multiple-spin-exchange Hamiltonian for a triangular lattice to describe high precision NMR measurements of the nuclear magnetic susceptibility of 3 He films adsorbed on graphite, reported here, as well as all available specific heat data. A consistent quantitative description of the unusual(More)
A new multi-scale hybrid transport-diffusion model for radiative transfer is proposed in order to improve the efficiency of the calculations close to the diffusive regime, in absorbing and strongly scattering media. In this model, the radiative intensity is decomposed into a macroscopic component calculated by the diffusion equation, and a mesoscopic(More)
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