M Rodriguez del Valle

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In the present studies, we analyzed the effects of acute endotoxemia on hepatocyte nitric oxide production and functional activity. Treatment of rats with 5 mg/kg of lipopolysaccharide (LPS), which induces acute endotoxemia, caused an increase in nitric oxide production in the liver, as measured by electron paramagnetic spin trapping, which was evident(More)
Nitric oxide is a highly reactive molecule that has been implicated in host defense and in tissue injury. In the present studies we analyzed the effects of brief exposure of rats to inhaled ozone on production of this mediator by lung macrophages and type II epithelial cells. We found that ozone exposure (1-2 ppm, 3 hr) induced a marked increase in(More)
Hepatocytes from control and endotoxemic rats were cultured for 40 hours in 96-well dishes in medium containing 0-5 micrograms/ml of lipopolysaccharide in the presence or absence of 50 U/ml IFN gamma. Nitric oxide production was quantified by the accumulation of nitrite in the culture medium by the Greiss reaction. Hepatocyte proliferation and protein(More)
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