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In the present paper, an electronic prototype designed to acquire electrocardiographic signals from marine mammals has been developed. The system consists of a portable device that allows the on-line acquisition of EKG signals through a parallel port interface that is connected to a laptop computer. The EKG waveform, the voltage level, the bandwidth and the(More)
A multianalyte method has been developed for the confirmation and quantitation of 16 selected sulfonylurea, imidazolinone, and sulfonamide herbicides in surface water. Samples are acidified, the analytes are extracted using RP-102 extraction cartridges, and the extracts are cleaned-up using an anion-exchange cartridge (SAX) stacked on top of an alumina(More)
In a¢ ne asset pricing models, the innovation to the pricing kernel is a function of innovations to current and expected future values of an economic state variable, for example consumption growth, aggregate market returns, or short-term interest rates. The impulse response of this priced variable to fundamental shocks has a frequency (Fourier)(More)
The average investor in the variance swap market is indifferent to news about future variance at horizons ranging from 1 month to 14 years. It is only purely transitory and unexpected realized variance that is priced. These results present a challenge to most structural models of the variance risk premium, such as the intertemporal CAPM, recent models with(More)
This article presents a practical implementation of an ECG compression algorithm using a Max-Lloyd quantizer, to optimize the low resources of an ECG acquisition and transmission system (telemetry system) for dolphins and human divers. The algorithm scheme is based on a first-order differential pulse code modulation (DPCM) and uses a Max-Lloyd quantizer to(More)
Financial analysts' earnings forecasts are a key determinant of stock prices and understanding how these forecasts evolve over time is important. This paper studies the asymmetric behavior of negative and positive values of analysts' earnings revisions and links it to the conservatism principle of accounting. Using a new three-state mixture of log-normals(More)
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