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During the course of UBV photoelectric measurements made at the Catania Astrophysical Observatory we have observed an unusually intense optical flare on the nearby M dwarf G 102-21, the optical counterpart of a strong X-ray source recently detected by ROSAT. The amplitude of the magnitude increase (∆U ∼ 7.3 mag) and the total energy release in the UBV bands(More)
We lack a reliable scenario for the formation and evolution of stars and their planetary systems , involving key factors such as magnetic fields and turbulence. We present the case for a mission concept that will clarify these problems and give us a global view of the evolution of combined star and planetary systems. This will be achieved by simultaneously(More)
We present the results of an X-ray observation of the binary system AR Lacertae (HD 210334) obtained with the Low and Medium Energy Concentrator Spectrometers (LECS & MECS) and with the Phoswich Detector System (PDS) on board the Beppo-SAX satellite. Two flare episodes with comparable peak luminosities were detected, one in each of the two runs into which(More)
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