M. Rizwan Jameel Qureshi

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Universities and Institutions these days' deals with issues related to with assessment of large number of students. Various evaluation methods have been adopted by examiners in different institutions to examining the ability of an individual, starting from manual means of using paper and pencil to electronic, from oral to written, practical to theoretical(More)
Reuse of the SW components concept started in 1960 when engineering and scientific libraries were used in the SW development to reuse the previously developed functions. This concept is now widely used in SW development as component based development (CBD). CBD is the technology that facilitates the reuse of the existing components into the new ones. This(More)
Scrum is a structured framework to support complex product development. However, Scrum methodology faces a challenge of managing large teams. To address this challenge, in this paper we propose a solution called Scrum of Scrums. In Scrum of Scrums, we divide the Scrum team into teams of the right size, and then organize them hierarchically into a Scrum of(More)
—Software design is one of the most important and key activities in the system development life cycle (SDLC) phase that ensures the quality of software. Different key areas of design are very vital to be taken into consideration while designing software. Software design describes how the software system is decomposed and managed in smaller components.(More)
Agile models promote fast development. XP and Scrum are the most widely used agile models. This paper investigates the phases of XP and Scrum models in order to identify their potentials and drawbacks. XP model has certain drawbacks, such as not suitable for maintenance projects and poor performance for medium and large-scale development projects. Scrum(More)
Component based development idea was floated in a conference name " Mass Produced Software Components " in 1968 [1]. Since then engineering and scientific libraries are developed to reuse the previously developed functions. This concept is now widely used in SW development as component based development (CBD). Component-based software engineering (CBSE) is(More)
This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to a crucial accuracy error in Fig. 5. For precise performance of ALBNN please refer to Yoon et al.'s work in the following article. Yoon, H., Park, C. S., Kim, J. S.,&Baek, J. G. (2013). Algorithm learning based neural network integrating feature selection and classification. Expert Systems with Applications,(More)