M. Rizwan Jameel Qureshi

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Reuse of the SW components concept started in 1960 when engineering and scientific libraries were used in the SW development to reuse the previously developed functions. This concept is now widely used in SW development as component based development (CBD). CBD is the technology that facilitates the reuse of the existing components into the new ones. This(More)
Software has been playing a key role in the development of modern society. Software industry has an option to choose suitable methodology/process model for its current needs to provide solutions to give problems. Though some companies have their own customized methodology for developing their software but majority agrees that software methodologies fall(More)
Software engineering students are facing many difficulties and challenging tasks when they approaching to industry. They suffer from inadequate experiences that are lacking in them to be skilled software engineers. This paper proposes a new approach to teach and train the students of software engineering course. The qualification approach (proposed in this(More)
Design patterns being applied more and more to solve the software engineering difficulties in the object oriented software design procedures. So, the design pattern detection is widely used by software industries. Currently, many solutions presented to detect the design pattern in the system design. In this paper, we will propose a new one which first; we(More)
A Software Engineering project depends significantly on team performance, as does any activity that involves human interaction. In the last years, the traditional perspective on software development is changing and agile methods have received considerable attention. Among other attributes, the ageists claim that fostering creativity is one of the keys to(More)
—Agile is one of the terms with which software professionals are quite familiar. Agile models promote fast development to develop high quality software. XP process model is one of the most widely used and most documented agile models. XP model is meant for small-scale projects. Since XP model is a good model, therefore there is need of its extension for the(More)
Electronic (E) learning management system is not a novel idea in the educational domain. Learning management systems are used to deal with academic activities such as course syllabi, time table scheduling, assessments and project discussion forums. Almost, all the top universities of world are using general purpose/customized solutions to manage learning(More)