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This paper describes the design of a distributed system built using Java that supports peer-to-peer communication among processes spread across a network. We identify the requirements of a software layer that supports distributed computing, and we propose a design that meets those requirements. Our primary concerns are (1) the identiication, speciication,(More)
BACKGROUND Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty is known to increase the moment arm of the middle subregion of the deltoid during shoulder abduction; however, at present, comprehensive data regarding the shoulder muscle moment arm through the full range of abduction and flexion are not available. The purpose of this study was twofold: (1) to measure the(More)
Three-dimensional fluorescent nanostructures are photoinduced by a near-infrared high repetition rate femtosecond laser in a silver-containing femto-photoluminescent glass. By adjusting the laser dose (fluence, number of pulses, and repetition rate), these stabilized intense fluorescent structures, composed of silver clusters, can be achieved with a perfect(More)
Single-channel waveguides and Y couplers were fabricated in chalcogenide thin films by use of femtosecond laser pulses from a 25-MHz repetition rate Ti:sapphire laser. Refractive-index differentials (delta n > 10(-2)) were measured through interferometric microscopy and are higher than the typical values reported for oxide glasses. The dependence of the(More)
Applications requiring long-range atmospheric propagation are driving the development of high-power thulium fiber lasers. We report on the performance of two different laser configurations for high-power tunable thulium fiber lasers: one is a single oscillator utilizing a volume Bragg grating for wavelength stabilization; the other is a master oscillator(More)
BACKGROUND Frozen shoulder (FS) is a debilitating musculoskeletal condition with an uncertain etiology and pathogenic mechanism. The aim of this study was to investigate the hypothesis that an alteration in the level of cytokines may disrupt the normal inflammatory and tissue healing process in the shoulder, leading to the development of FS. MATERIALS AND(More)
We describe studies of the debris produced from a high–repetition-rate laser plasma EUVL source based on the mass-limited target concept. In particular, we are developing mass-limited target designs based on complex targets containing tin. Comprehensive analysis of witness-plate detection techniques can reveal many interesting details of the interaction(More)
We report a novel, Tm-doped photonic crystal fiber (PCF) actively Q-switched oscillator that provides ~8.9 kW peak power with 435 µJ, 49 ns pulses at 10 kHz repetition rate at 2 μm wavelength. This fiber has a mode-field area >1000 μm2, the largest of any flexible PCF providing diffraction-limited beam quality to the best of our knowledge. As an(More)
A novel Nd:YVO 4 −based regenerative amplifier system operating in the picosecond regime featuring a volume Bragg grating (VBG) as an intracavity spectral narrowing element is described. This compact amplifier provides pulses with duration of ∼85 ps operating at repetition rates ranging from single shot to 10 kHz. The VBG is used to passively tailor the(More)