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A systematic approach to small-signal modelling of a micro-grid system that includes conventional (rotating machine) and electronically interfaced distributed resource (DR) units is presented here. The proposed approach incorporates fundamental frequency deviations in the overall system model and provides a methodology for the analysis of autonomous(More)
1Department of Electrical Circuit, Federal University of Juiz de Fora, CEP 36036-330 Juiz de Fora, Brazil 2Department of Electrical Engineering, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, CEP 22453-900 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3The Edward S. Rogers SR., Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada M5S(More)
Swimming is of the most important sports in the world and most countries try to find the most qualified people for participating in world's different championships. Training athletic people in swimming sport is more important in this area of sports compared with other sports. In this paper, we perform an empirical investigation to find the effects of(More)
f Phd Student in Clinical psychology, Tehran University of Medical Sciences,(on a scholarship faculty Zanjan university of medical sciences), Iran We present a study to investigate the impacts of various factors on juvenile delinquency. The study distributes 400 questionnaires among young people aged 19-26 who are involved with some sort of crime and(More)
During the past few years, there have been significant interests in using information technology in educational systems. There is no doubt that there are different advantages associated with the implementation of information technology in educational systems. However, there are also some barriers in having successful implementation of IT in educational(More)
One of the most important responsibilities of welfare receivers in all communities is to find a job. In many cases, people are encouraged to act as entrepreneurs and create jobs and opportunities. In this study, we perform an empirical study among 280 welfare receivers to measure the effects of social cognitive consultation on changing receivers'(More)
Technical advantages of co-ordinating thyristor-controlled static VAr compensators (SVC) and power system stabilizers (PSS) for stability enhancement during small signal dynamics are presented. The technical feasibility of the co-ordinated scheme for simultaneous damping of inertial and torsional oscillatory modes in a series-capacitor-compensated system is(More)
Various studies have shown some relationship between brain wave abnormalies and depression. The current study aimed to examine the effectiveness of the real neurofeedback treatment compared with mock neurofeedback in decreasing major depression severity of symptoms and change on α waves into a desirable pattern among some patients who suffer from major(More)