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A systematic approach to small-signal modelling of a micro-grid system that includes conventional (rotating machine) and electronically interfaced distributed resource (DR) units is presented here. The proposed approach incorporates fundamental frequency deviations in the overall system model and provides a methodology for the analysis of autonomous(More)
INTRODUCTION The present study which is carried out in the field of medical anthropology seeks to investigate the meaningful medical behaviors of people with diabetes living in the village of Koohzar have taken to improve or reduce the problems associated with the disease regarding to knowledge and resources available in the country. MATERIAL AND METHODS(More)
  • Hossein Ebrhaimzadeh Asmin, Seyed Reza Balaghat, Mohammad Reza Iravani, Zari Khazaei, Mohammad Mahmoodvand
  • 2014
The main aim of this research is the Study of relation between organizational commitment and self-control among primary teachers in the zone of 1 in Zahedan, Iran. The method of research is correlation, the society of research is 1050 teachers in the zone of 1 in Zahedan, Iran, and the samples are 274 teachers. The research tool is a valid questionnaire(More)
This paper presents a social work study on relationship between different family characteristics and child abuse in city of Jarghooye located in province of Esfahan, Iran. The proposed study selects a sample of 50 people and using some statistical tests verifies the effects of three factors including family income, family educational background and family(More)
Abstrak – The objective of the paper is to explain the role of social workers in the family reactions to the mentally handicapped child, child is mentally retarded, no doubt, cause of family issues and problems, especially if there are other children with normal intelligence. Responses of parents of retarded children are not the same and often related to(More)
f Phd Student in Clinical psychology, Tehran University of Medical Sciences,(on a scholarship faculty Zanjan university of medical sciences), Iran We present a study to investigate the impacts of various factors on juvenile delinquency. The study distributes 400 questionnaires among young people aged 19-26 who are involved with some sort of crime and(More)
Various studies have shown some relationship between brain wave abnormalies and depression. The current study aimed to examine the effectiveness of the real neurofeedback treatment compared with mock neurofeedback in decreasing major depression severity of symptoms and change on α waves into a desirable pattern among some patients who suffer from major(More)