M. Reza Emamy-Khansary

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In this note, c” is the unit n-cube ((x1,x2, . . . . X,)E W”: Olxir 1, i= 1,2, . . . . n} and the Boolean cube II”= (41)” is the set of vertices of c”. A pseudo-Boolean function is a real-valued function defined on B" [3]. Hammer, Simeone, Liebling and de Werra [4] defined a completely unimodal function (whose class will be denoted by M) as a pseudo-Boolean(More)
The cut number S(d) of the d-cube is the minimum number of hyperplanes in R that slice, that is cut the edges while avoiding vertices, all the edges of the d-cube. The cut number problem for the hypercube of dimensions d ≥ 4 was posed by P. O’Neil more than thirty years ago [17]. The identity S(3) = 3 is easy and that of S(4) = 4 is a well-known result, see(More)
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