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In this paper, we propose a new Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Op-timizer, which is based on Pareto dominance and the use of a crowding factor to filter out the list of available leaders. We also propose the use of different mutation (or turbulence) operators which act on different subdivisions of the swarm. Finally, the proposed approach also incorporates(More)
In order to improve the hospital information system of the Chilean University Hospital, the Veterinary Medicine School of Universidad de Chile made a research cooperation with Università San Raffaele Roma to develop and test a new release of the O3-Vet software application. O3-Vet was selected by the Chilean University mainly for two reasons: (1) it uses(More)
In this article, center conditions and bifurcation of limit cycles at the nilpotent critical point in a class of seventh-degree systems are investigated. With the help of computer algebra system MATHEMATICA, the first 13 quasi-Lyapunov constants are deduced. As a result, sufficient and necessary conditions in order to have a center are obtained. The result(More)
We review genetic programming principles, their application to FOCUS data samples , and use the method to study the doubly Cabibbo suppressed decay D + → K + π + π − relative to its Cabibbo favored counterpart, D + → K − π + π +. We find that this technique is able to improve upon more traditional analysis methods. To our knowledge, this is the first(More)
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