M. Renee Jansen

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We treat bivariate nonparametric regression, where the design of experiment can be arbitrarily irregular. Our method uses second-generation wavelets built with the lifting scheme: Starting from a simple initial transform, we propose to use some predictor operators based on a generalization in two dimensions of the Lagrange interpolating polynomial. These(More)
In video games, pathfinding must be done quickly and accurately. Not much computational time is allowed for pathfinding, but realistic looking paths are required. One approach to pathfinding which attempts to satisfy both of these constraints is to perform pathfinding on abstractions of the map. Botea et al.’s Hierarchical Pathfinding A* (HPA*) does this by(More)
This paper applies the idea of normal mesh techniques, utilized in CG rendering applications of smooth manifolds in 3d space, to piecewise smooth functions defined on the plane. The nonsmoothness of these functions is located along a smoothly varying curve in the domain. The nonlinear nature of the proposed method allows to deal with the ’regularity’ of the(More)
LOFAR, a new radio telescope, will be designed to observe with up to 8 independent beams, thus allowing several simultaneous observations. Scheduling of multiple observations parallel in time, each having their own constraints, requires a more intelligent and flexible scheduling function then operated before. In support of the LOFAR radio telescope project,(More)