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The objective of this paper is to extend the idea of Cognitive Relay (CR). CR, as a secondary user, follows an underlay paradigm to endorse secondary usage of the spectrum to the indoor devices. To seek a spatial opportunity, i.e., deciding its transmission over the primary user channels, CR models its deployment scenario and the movements of the primary(More)
Optical 5G transport networks are the subject of academic and industrial research aimed at identifying the best architectural and deployment options. In this regard, the optimization of both power consumption and equipment cost is a crucial aspect. This paper analyses a number of architectural options (i.e., all optical vs. intermediate electronic(More)
The next generation of mobile communication (i.e., 5G) will bring new challenges for the transport infrastructure, e.g., in terms of flexibility and capacity. The joint orchestration of radio and transport resources can help to address some of these challenges. One example is the possibility of reconfiguring the use of the transport network resources(More)
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