M. Raza Zaidi

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The high-mobility group AT-hook 2 (HMGA2) protein is a member of the high-mobility group family of the DNA-binding architectural factors and participates in the conformational regulation of active chromatin on its specific downstream target genes. HMGA2 is expressed in the undifferentiated mesenchyme and is undetectable in their differentiated counterparts,(More)
Calcium is a key regulator of many physiological processes that are perturbed in cancer, such as migration, proliferation and apoptosis. The proteins STIM and Orai mediate store-operated calcium entry (SOCE), the main pathway for calcium entry in non-excitable cells. Changes in the expression and function of STIM and Orai have been found in a range of(More)
BACKGROUND Apart from the role of mast cells in maintenance of homeostasis and inflammation, their association with tumors has been described recently. In several malignancies, mast cell density has been found to correlate with angiogenesis, increased risk of metastasis and poor prognosis. AIM The aim of the following study is to compare the number,(More)
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