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As the demand for refrigeration and Air conditioning has been increased during the last decade, the cool storage systems can be used to the economic advantage over conventional cooling plants. Cool storage system using phase change materials can be used for peak load shifting if they are installed in the building. In the case of sensible heat storage(More)
– The utilization of industrial and agricultural waste produced by industrial process has been the focus of waste reduction research for economical, environmental and technical reasons. This is because over 300 million tones of industrial waste are being produced per annual by agricultural and industrial process in India. The problem arising from continuous(More)
Intracavitary brachytherapy is an integral part of radiotherapy for locally advanced gynecologic malignancies. A dosimetric intercomparison of high dose rate intracavitary brachytherapy (HDR_BT) and intensity-modulated radiotherapy in cervical carcinoma has been made in the present study. CT scan images of 10 patients treated with HDR_BT were used for this(More)
The use of megavoltage X-ray sources of radiation, with their skin-sparing qualities in radiation therapy, has been proved useful in relieving patient discomfort and allowing higher tumor doses to be given with fewer restrictions due to radiation effects in the skin. The purpose of this study was to compare the dosimetric characteristics of a physical and(More)
The Burr type X distribution is considered as a life time random variable of a product whose lots are to be decided for acceptance or otherwise on the basis of sample lifetimes drawn from the lot. The sample is divided into various groups in order to develop a group sampling plan in such a way that the life testing experiment is terminated as soon as the(More)
A generalization of the Half Logistic Distribution is developed through exponentiation of its survival function and named the Type II Generalized Half Logistic Distribution (GHLD). The distributional characteristics are presented and estimation of its parameters using maximum likelihood and modified maximum likelihood methods is studied with comparisons.(More)
The Linear Failure Rate Distribution (LFRD) is considered. The graphs of its probability density function are examined for selected parameter combinations. Some of them are similar to the well-known exponential distribution. Incidentally exponential distribution is one of the two component models of the LFRD model. In view of the simpler form of exponential(More)
Increasing need of data protection in computer networks led to the development of several cryptographic algorithms hence sending data securely over a transmission link is critically important in many applications. Hardware implementation of cryptographic algorithms are physically secure than software implementations since outside attackers cannot modify(More)