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BACKGROUND Assessment of pulmonary edema is a key factor in monitoring and guidance of therapy in critically ill patients. To date, methods available at the bedside for estimating the physiologic correlate of pulmonary edema, extravascular lung water, often are unreliable or require invasive measurements. The aim of the present study was to develop a novel(More)
The aim of the European project Nephron+ is the design of a wearable artificial kidney device. This paper is focused on the design of the corresponding ultralow-hemolysis continuous-operation blood pump. Accurate specifications and operating principle of the pump are determined. A first nonoptimal configuration of a linear electromechanical actuator which(More)
Several studies [1,2] have shown the potential of EIT to estimate cardiovascular parameters. To achieve this goal, EIT devices have to deal with small impedance variations. As a consequence, the high value of the direct component (DC) of the bio-impedance signal becomes an issue in terms of analog to digital converter resolution. With this research, we aim(More)
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