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Analysis of (6)Li MAS NMR spectra of several lithium transition-metal orthosilicates (Li(2)MSiO(4), M = Mn, Fe, Zn) improved the understanding of the relation between the spectral parameters and the structural characteristics of the materials. It was shown that for manganese- and iron-containing materials the width of the (6)Li spinning-sideband powder(More)
Iron-functionalized disordered mesoporous silica (FeKIL-2) is a promising, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and highly efficient catalyst for the elimination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from polluted air via catalytic oxidation. In this study, we investigated the type of catalytically active iron sites for different iron concentrations in(More)
Crystal engineering: The synthesis of the known compounds MIL-100(Fe) and MIL-45(Fe) is characterized by spectroscopy. The products are obtained under identical conditions by varying the solvent from pure water to a mixture of water and acetone. The starting solution, the gel, and the final reaction product were characterized by X-ray absorption(More)
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