M. Ramesh Babu

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The presently developed paper deals with the concepts of web based online expert systems and machine learning Algorithms in the field of Artificial Intelligence. An expert system follows the methodology of task-based specification and it is independent in case of problem solving. Where as, the machine learning technique is used to find the good optimal(More)
– Digital watermarking for multimedia authentication needs for authenticating digital media in this information era and the two main categories of authentication techniques employed to meet these needs, namely labeling-based techniques and watermarking-based techniques. Data integrity and source origin authentication are essential topics for real-time(More)
An actual VOICE INPUT VOICE OUTPUT Correspondence Help identifies the actual disordered talk from the person as well as develops communications that are changed into artificial talk. Tests demonstrated this technique works within producing great acknowledgement overall performance (mean precision 98 percentage) upon extremely disordered talk, even if(More)
This paper presents the design and testing of Fuzzy Logic Energy Management System (FLEMS) for an autonomous polygeneration microgrid in India. The components of the microgrid include a PV array, wind turbine, battery bank, a Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell, an electrolyzer, a metal hydride tank, a reverse osmosis desalination unit using energy recovery(More)
This work is to examine the bidding strategies in a pool based electricity market in which generating companies submit their bids for the available loads. A load accepts electricity delivery from the generator with the lowest bid at its bid price as long as this price is not higher than the load's willingness to pay. The competition among pool participants(More)
The main objective of the Economic Dispatch (ED) problem is to find optimal allocation of output power among the various generators available to serve the system load. It is necessary to incorporate wind and pumped storage plants in classical economic dispatch problem due to the increase in the use of renewable energy sources. The cost of power generation(More)
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