M. Ramakrishnan

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An investigation was carried out to study the antibiotic sensitivity of avian strains ofPasteurella multocida and to select an effective antimicrobial agent for control of avian pasteurellosis in India. A total of 123 strains ofP. multocida recently isolated from different avian species (chicken, duck, turkey, quail, and goose), from different regions of(More)
Biometric time and attendance system is one of the most successful applications of biometric technology. One of the main advantage of a biometric time and attendance system is it avoids "buddy-punching". Buddy punching was a major loophole which will be exploiting in the traditional time attendance systems. Fingerprint recognition is an established field(More)
In the past vascular surgeons were called in to place tunneled central venous catheter (TVC) for hemodialysis patients. Advent of percutaneous technique has resulted in an increasing number of interventional nephrologists inserting it. A single centre three year audit of 100 TVCs with a cumulative follow up of 492 patient months is presented here. From 2007(More)
In this work, Sensor Multi Channel (SMC) Medium Access Control (MAC) has been proposed for wireless sensor networks. The SMC MAC uses a dedicated control channel and multiple data channels. The effective solution for the multi channel hidden terminal problem and missing receiver problem has been proposed in this work. The performance of the SMC MAC has been(More)
Footprint identification is the measurement of footprint features for recognizing the identity of a user. Footprint is universal, easy to capture and does not change much across time. Footprint biometric system does not require specialized acquisition devices. Footprint image of a left leg is captured for hundred people in different angles. No special(More)
A variety of skin infections are encountered in postrenal transplant setting. Though bacterial and fungal infections are more common, surprises are in store for us sometimes. We describe a patient who underwent renal transplant two years ago, presenting with a painless, mildly pruritic expanding skin rash over abdomen. Histological examination of the skin(More)
Systemic vasculitides (SV) are a group of diseases with multi system involvement and varied clinical presentation. Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA) testing has high sensitivity and specificity for SV. We describe the clinical course of four patients who had pauci-immune glomerulonephritis with systemic involvement without serological ANCA(More)