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Studies on the occurrence of aquatic hyphomycetes were carried out in Panekal sulfur spring in the Western Ghats, India by incubation of leaf litter and analysis of natural foam and of induced foam. Sampling was done once every three months over a period of two years from September 1989 to June 1991. The temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and sulfide(More)
This paper discusses recent progress achieved in two areas related to the development of a Dynamic Data Driven Applications System (DDDAS) for structural and material health monitoring and critical event prediction. The first area concerns the development and demonstration of a sensor data compression algorithm and its application to the detection of(More)
Relationships between physico-chemical factors of waters, riparian vegetation, altitude and species richness of the hyphomycete communities in six rivers and a sulfur spring in the Western Ghats of Karnataka were analysed statistically. Linear regression and correlation between log fungal species and riparian vegetation was highly significant. The(More)
Nine isolates of the aquatic hyphomycetes Dactylella aquatica, Flagellospora penicillioides, Flagellospora saccata, Helicomyces sp., Lunulospora curvula, Phalangispora constricta, Tetracladium setigerum, Vermispora cauveriana and Wiesneriomyces laurinus were incubated at different temperatures (5–35 °C) to study their growth on MEA medium. Maximum growth(More)
We investigated vitreous replacement by longlasting gas in the management of severe Staphylococcus aureus endophthalmitis in 19 rabbits randomized for vitrectomy (9 animals) and for vitrectomy followed by replacement of the vitreous by a 20% perfluoropropane-80% air mixture (10 animals). Both groups received systemic antibiotics and achieved comparable(More)
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