M. Rajasekhara Babu

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The Design of GPU(Graphical Processing Unit) will well suitable for express the data parallel computations because GPU will specialized for parallel and today's digital images in medical are huge volume of collections in every day, however medical imaging produces demand to improve the medical diagnosis and procedures. This survey is provide graphical(More)
In recent years with the advent of programming techniques, parallel programming consumes less execution time as compared to sequential. The odd-even merge sort algorithm was developed by K.E. Batcher [1]. It takes two sorted array and merge them into a single sorted array. In this paper we have implemented this algorithm in three different modules and(More)
— Pointer analysis is the problem of statically determining the runtime targets of pointer variables in a program. This information has a wide variety of client applications in optimizing compilers and software engineering tools. This paper focuses on precise points-to analysis for Object Oriented Languages (OOL) such as Java, C#, Scala, etc based on(More)
Over the past ten years building owners, Managers and consulting engineers from the different Manufacturers/Vendors have become the increasingly frustrated by incompatibilities and limited Mechanism for the integration of building automation and control systems(BAS)[1] because a site may have BAS equipment from multiple manufacturers in the field. A(More)
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