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—The goal of image enhancement technique is to improve a characteristics or quality of an image, such that the resulting image is better than the original image. Histogram equalization (HE) is widely used for contrast enhancement. However, it tends to change the brightness of an images, where preserving the original brightness is essential to avoid annoying(More)
BACKGROUND Thalidomide is an immunomodulatory agent, which arrests angiogenesis. The mechanism of anti-angiogenic activity of thalidomide is not fully understood. As nitric oxide is involved in angiogenesis, we speculate a cross-talk between thalidomide and nitric oxide signaling pathway to define angiogenesis. The aim of present study is to understand the(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Nitric oxide (NO) promotes angiogenesis by activating endothelial cells. Thalidomide arrests angiogenesis by interacting with the NO pathway, but its putative targets are not known. Here, we have attempted to identify these targets. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH Cell-based angiogenesis assays (wound healing of monolayers and tube formation(More)
Leakiness of the endothelial bed is attributed to the over-perfusion of the pulmonary bed, which leads to high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE). Inhalation of nitric oxide has been successfully employed to treat HAPE patients. We hypothesize that nitric oxide intervenes in the permeability of the pulmonary macrovascular endothelial bed to rectify the leaky(More)
Flexible alternating current transmission systems (FACTS) technology opens up new opportunities for controlling power and enhancing the usable capacity of present, as well as new and upgraded lines. The Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) is a second generation FACTS device which enables independent control of active and reactive power besides improving(More)
Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of autonomous mobile nodes forming an ad hoc network without fixed infrastructure. Dynamic topology property of MANET may degrade the performance of the network. However, multipath selection is a great challenging task to improve the network lifetime. We proposed an energy-aware multipath routing scheme based on(More)
Power quality is one of major concerns in the present era. It has become important, especially, with the introduction of sophisticated devices, whose performance is very sensitive to the quality of power supply. Power quality problem is an occurrence manifested as a nonstandard voltage, current or frequency that results in a failure or mis-operation of end(More)