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The annual percentage of patients with convulsive seizure in the Neurological Department of the Bangur Institute of Neurology, Calcutta, is found to be significantly correlated with the annual values of sunspot numbers and geomagnetic activity indices for the period 1955--1971. For a particular geomagnetic activity index the correlation coefficient is(More)
The development of the modern power system has led to an increasing complexity in the study of power systems, and also presents new challenges to power system stability, and in particular, to the aspects of transient stability and small-signal stability. Transient stability control plays a significant role in ensuring the stable operation of power systems(More)
—The goal of image enhancement technique is to improve a characteristics or quality of an image, such that the resulting image is better than the original image. Histogram equalization (HE) is widely used for contrast enhancement. However, it tends to change the brightness of an images, where preserving the original brightness is essential to avoid annoying(More)
Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of autonomous mobile nodes forming an ad hoc network without fixed infrastructure. Dynamic topology property of MANET may degrade the performance of the network. However, multipath selection is a great challenging task to improve the network lifetime. We proposed an energy-aware multipath routing scheme based on(More)
This paper deals with modeling and simulation of SVC in IEEE 14 bus System with Induction Motor load for avoiding voltage sag. Single phase to ground fault is applied in predominant Induction motor load bus for voltage sag analysis. The effect of reactive power compensation to prevent sag has been analyzed with and without SVC. Simulations of the SVC were(More)
Problem statement: Recent research in asynchronous design technique is making asynchronous circuits an increasingly practical alternative. These challenges include the increasing pressure for low power, the growing challenges of predicting the increasing impact of wire load and delay and the performance penalty associated with supporting communication(More)