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Molecular and behavioral evidence suggests that acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs) contribute to pain processing, but an understanding of their precise role remains elusive. Existing ASIC knock-out mouse experiments are complicated by the heteromultimerization of ASIC subunits. Therefore, we have generated transgenic mice that express a dominant-negative(More)
By continuous monitoring of abdominal aortic blood pressure via telemetry in conscious rats, we have observed that systolic, diastolic, and pulse pressures of male Brown-Norway rats were all significantly lower than that of male Wistar-Kyoto rats, despite the fact that all of the values in both strains were within normotensive ranges. Further analyses(More)
We isolated the rabbit gene for the 92-kDa matrix metalloproteinase, gelatinase B, and sequenced 1802 contiguous bases covering the first three exons and 522 bases of DNA upstream of the start site for transcription. The DNA between bases -519 and +19 is sufficient to drive expression of a reporter gene in early passage cultures of corneal fibroblasts or(More)
Genetic mapping of the progeny of an F2 intercross between WKY and WKHA rats had previously allowed us to detect male-specific linkage between locus Cm24 and left ventricular mass index (LVMI). By further expanding that analysis, we detected additional loci that were all linked to LVMI in a sex-specific manner despite their autosomal location. In males, we(More)
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