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A novel methodology for modeling the reliability and performance of web services (WSs) is presented. To present the methodology, an experimental environment is developed in house, where WSs are treated as atomic entities but the underlying middleware is partitioned into layers. WSs are deployed in JBoss AS. Web service requests are generated to a remote(More)
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  • ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes
  • 2011
The primary intent of this book is to describe a UML-based method for analysis and design of software systems. I chose to review this book to refresh my knowledge of software modeling and design. The book really helped me to update my personal understanding of software engineering and learn a new term in software modeling, named COMET (Collaborative Object(More)
The reliability analysis of web services is often focused on the web service components, ignoring the impact of the middleware located beneath the web services. A service-based software system is a multilayered system that includes the web service (WS), shared resources, and the hosting application server (AS). It is conjectured that the reliability(More)
A study of failure rates of a web service that is deployed in a service-oriented architecture is presented. The study focuses on the HTTP requests that are rejected by the application server. The rejections may be caused by system overloading or mismanagement of configuration parameters. An analytical model and a Stochastic Activity Network (SAN) model are(More)
The open source programming languages, often with a biosuffix, i.e. BioPerl, BioJava, and BioRuby, have been widely used in bioinformatics and computational biology research. The computational tools written in these languages provide multiple functionalities as the languages make them flexible to create customized analysis and examination of biological(More)
This article presents two cases of adolescent males who were admitted to our inpatient psychiatric unit with a psychotic, disorganized presentation. Both males had a genetic vulnerability to mental illness and reported significant substance use. Their symptoms were refractory to treatment and required the use of clozapine. Both patients experienced(More)
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