M. Raghavendra rao

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OBJECTIVES This study compares the effects of an integrated yoga program with brief supportive therapy on distressful symptoms in breast cancer outpatients undergoing adjuvant radiotherapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eighty-eight stage II and III breast cancer outpatients were randomly assigned to receive yoga (n = 44) or brief supportive therapy (n = 44)(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the antiobesity effects of the ethanolic extract of Argyreia speciosa roots in rats fed with a cafeteria diet (CD). MATERIALS AND METHODS Obesity was induced in albino rats by feeding them a CD daily for 42 days, in addition to a normal diet. Body weight and food intake was measured initially and then every week thereafter. On day(More)
CONTEXT AND AIMS Migraine is an episodic disabling headache requiring long-term management. Migraine management through Yoga therapy would reduce the medication cost with positive health benefits. Yoga has shown to improve the quality of life, reduce the episode of headache and medication. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the efficacy of Yoga as(More)
BACKGROUND Migraine is associated with autonomic symptoms. The growing body of literature suggests that the dysfunctional autonomic nervous system might play a pivotal role in the pathogenesis of migraine. Thermal therapies have been hypothesized to modulate these changes and alleviate pain. However, data regarding the efficacy of hydrotherapy in migraine(More)
INTRODUCTION Palliative care is usually delivered late in the course of illness trajectory. This precludes patients on active disease modifying treatment from receiving the benefit of palliative care intervention. A survey was conducted to know the opinion of oncologists, oncology nurses, and patients about the role of early specialist palliative care in(More)
INTRODUCTION Home-based palliative care is an essential model of palliative care that aims to provide continuity of care at patient's own home in an effective and timely manner. This study was a pilot test of triage coding system in home-based palliative care using Edmonton Symptom Assessment System (ESAS) scale. METHODS Objective of the study was to(More)
INTRODUCTION Ewing's sarcomas is a rare primitive neuroectodermal tumour (PNET) which has an annual incidence of 2.9 /million population in USA 1Jeffery Toretsky et al (2008) They are very uncommon in African and Asian population. It is commonly associated with reciprocal translocation between chromosome 11 and 12 t (11:12) or less frequently the(More)
Text Categorization is traditionally done by using the term frequency and inverse document frequency.This type of method is not very good because, some words which are not so important may appear in the document .The term frequency of unimportant words may increase and document may be classified in the wrong category.For reducing the error of classifying of(More)
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