M. Rafiqul Islam

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In this article we use Adomian decomposition method, which is a well-known method for solving functional equations now-a-days, to solve systems of differential equations of the first order and an ordinary differential equation of any order by converting it into a system of differential of the order one. Theoretical considerations are being discussed, and(More)
The main drilling technique in the oil and gas industry has been rotary. Nevertheless, during the last decade, laser drilling has been investigated. Intensive research work has examined the soundness of this new drilling technique and its profitability. The laser drilling literature has confirmed that this novel technique performs better and faster than the(More)
To maximize oil and gas production profitability, it is paramount to reach the whole reservoir and extract the oil and gas in it efficiently. Therefore the well should be drilled as quickly as possible to start production as soon as possible. The laser drilling literature reviews, lab experiments, and numerical models have proven so far that this novel(More)
The ultrasonic is an inspection technique (UT), which employs high frequency acoustic waves to probe the sample being inspected. As the acoustic wave penetrates the sample, the wave is attenuated and/or reflected as a result of variation in the density (sound velocity) of the material. By observing and post processing the returned signal, be it the(More)
Chaos is the order of nature. Nature is characterized by its chaotic variables and processes. These variables and processes are described by numbers and words. Numbers in classical mathematics are static and rigid. However, nature is dynamic and evolutionary. Therefore, it is vital to propose new definitions and meanings for the numbers in order to describe(More)