M Rafiqul Hoque

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A chance discovery of the tumoricidal action of a human milk fraction led to the characterization of the active component as oleic acid complex of the α-lactalbumin, which was given the acronym HAMLET. We report in this study that the oleic acid complex of bovine α-lactalbumin (BAMLET) is hemolytic to human erythrocytes as well as to those derived from some(More)
Bispecific antibodies (BsAbs), with the ability to recognize two different epitopes simultaneously, offer remarkable advantages in bioassays, cancer therapy, biosensors, and enzyme electrodes. Preparation and purification of BsAbs in adequate quantities remains a major hurdle in their use in various applications. Poor yield is also the principal limitation(More)
An investigation was carried out on the number of scion production in mango by clonal hedgerow to meet up the demand of the quality scions during the peak period of mango grafting for the nursery owners in Bangladesh. Mango clones (grafts) were planted at different density in clonal hedgerow bed. Pruning was done in different times to enhance more branching(More)
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