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An existing infectious model describing the interaction of HIV virus and the immune system of the human body is utilized to determine the optimal methodology for administering anti-viral medication therapies to fight HIV infection. This work investigates the fundamental role of chemotherapy treatment in controlling the virus reproduction. We work in the(More)
Consider the discrete nonlinear system x(i + 1) = f(x(i)), i ≥ 0 and the corresponding output signal y(i) = Cx(i), i ≥ 0. Given a constraint set Ω ⊂ IR, a initial state x(0) is said to be output admissible if the resulting output function satisfies the condition y(i) ∈ Ω, ∀i ≥ 0. The set of all possible such initial conditions is the output maximal(More)
The present work deals with the linear quadratic control problem for a discrete distributed system with terminal convex constraint. Using techniques of perturbation by feedback, it is shown that the resolution of the considered problem is equivalent to that of a controllability, one so-called Extended Exact Controllability with time-varying operators. The(More)
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