M. Raassina

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We report a Zika virus (ZIKV) infection in a patient with fever and rash after returning to Finland from Maldives, June 2015. The patient had dengue virus (DENV) IgG and IgM antibodies but pan-flavivirus RT-PCR and subsequent sequencing showed presence of ZIKV RNA in urine. Recent association of ZIKV with microcephaly highlights the need for laboratory(More)
We have previously constructed a cDNA clone pHCALl, covering most of the Cterminal propeptide domain of human proal(I) collagen mSNA, by inserting a 678 bp EcoRI-XhoI fragment of cDNA into pBR322 (1). Since the Xhol/Sall ligation prevented removal of the insert, we used the same strategy to obtain a similar clone in pUC8. RNA was isolated from fetal(More)
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