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A Neural Network (NN) approach is studied in deriving information of bathymetry for optically shallow waters. In this study, more than 7000 remote-sensing reflectance (ratio of waterleaving radiance to downwelling irradiance above the surface) spectra for shallow waters were created with a semi-analytical model. This synthetic data base covered(More)
A new parametric approach for robust fault detection in matrix second-order linear (MSOL) systems with unknown disturbances is directly proposed in matrix second-order framework. The residual is generated through utilizing a Luenberger function observer of MSOL systems. Based on a recently proposed eigenstructure assignment approach for MSOL systems,(More)
After the middle of the Ming dynasty, the Chinese feudal system began to show some influence of capitalism in its production models. Changes began to take place in its political and economic systems. In 1723, a new method of household taxation was adopted to replace the traditional taxation system, which had been based upon the population of each(More)
The present paper reports on the results of scanning electron microscopical observations on seven excysted metacercariae and twelve juveniles of Pagumogonimus skrjabini. The former were from the naturally excysted metacercariae in fresh water in Ningquang District of Shaanxi Province and the latter were collected from the dogs and rats experimentally(More)
OBJECTIVE Consuming phthalates may be due to the presence of food contact materials, such as plastic containers. In this study, we investigated the association between plastic container use and phthalate exposure in 2,140 Shanghai adults. METHODS Participants completed a questionnaire on the frequency of using plastic containers in different scenarios in(More)
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