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The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of chronic dexamethasone (Dex) administration on rat diaphragm sensitivity to non-depolarizing muscle relaxants (NDMRs) and muscular nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) expression, which may help direct future administration of NDMRs. Adult male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomized to receive a(More)
Unbalanced data, minority classes with few samples, present in many applications. It is difficult to solve the problems of unbalanced data by traditional methods. In this paper, a hybrid algorithm based on random over-sampling, decision tree (DT), particle swarm optimization (PSO) and feature selection is proposed to classify unbalanced data. The proposed(More)
OBJECTIVE To properly understand the bacterial distribution and susceptibility to antibiotics in the sinus of nasal sinusitis. METHOD The mucosal and secretion in sinus were taken from 135 patients who suffered with single nasal sinusitis, by functional endoscopic sinus surgery, were cultured for bacteria. Meanwhile the antimicrobial susceptibility was(More)
Plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite (HA) coating, applied to metal substrates, can induce a direct chemical bond with bone and hence achieve a biological fixation of the implant. However, the poor bonding strength between the HA coating and the substrate has been a concern for the orthopedists. In a previous study, the zirconia-reinforced hydroxyapatite composite(More)
In this paper, an advanced approach is proposed for vehicle routing problems with time windows (VRPTW). It takes the advantages of fuzzy c-means (FCM), simulated annealing, and tabu search for VRPTW. The Solomon's problem instances are used for verifying the developed approach. Based on the number of vehicles required and the traveling distance, good(More)
The biocompatibility of material plays an important role in the bone-implant interface for the prosthetic implant fixation. The biocompatibility of implants is associated with the chemical composition, surface topography, surface energy and surface roughness of biomaterials. The effects of two factors, surface roughness and serum contents, on osteoblast(More)
This study was performed to investigate the role of pH and temperature postmortem, and to demonstrate the importance of these factors in determining meat quality. Postmortem pH 45min (pH at 45 min postmortem or initial pH) via analysis of Pearson's correlation showed high positive correlation with pH change pH c24 (pH change from pH 45min to pH 24h(More)
Ovarian steroids have been shown to inhibit uterine cell death in vivo. In this study, we investigated whether ovarian steroids regulated cell death in an uterine epithelial cell line transformed with SV40 temperature-sensitive (ts) mutant virus. To assess cell death rate, cells were grown at permissive temperature (34 degrees C) and pulsed with(More)
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