M R Shyan

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Two rhesus monkeys were tested for octave generalization in 8 experiments by transposing 6- and 7-note musical passages by an octave and requiring same or different judgments. The monkeys showed no octave generalization to random-synthetic melodies, atonal melodies, or individual notes. They did show complete octave generalization to childhood songs (e.g.,(More)
Recognition memory was tested for lists of 6 briefly (0.08 s) presented pictures at different interstimulus intervals (ISI) of 0.08, 1, and 4 s. Experiment 1 showed a 16% performance increase (ISI effect) for increasing ISI for travel slide but not kaleidoscope pictures. Experiment 2 showed that learning names for the kaleidoscope pictures then resulted in(More)
The potential of the buildup and release from proactive interference (PI) technique in the study of animal categorization was demonstrated with a rhesus monkey. A serial probe recognition task was used with a list of 4 consecutive slide pictures (upper screen) followed by a single probe picture (lower screen). The monkey moved a lever to indicate whether or(More)
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