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Desmopressin acetate 0.3 microgram/kg was given intravenously to nine patients with chronic liver disease and to a further six such patients in a double blind controlled study versus placebo. Desmopressin acetate significantly shortened the bleeding time compared with basal values in both groups and compared with placebo. There was also a significant(More)
Falls are common in the elderly, often causing considerable morbidity and mortality. Prevention is therefore important and is based on determining the cause. We present an elderly patient who had multiple falls during the day due to recurrent daytime sleep episodes, an entity we believe has not previously been reported.
A previously unrecognised form of acute porphyria has been identified in a large family in Chester, UK. Patients presented with attacks of neurovisceral dysfunction and none had experienced cutaneous photosensitivity. Biochemically, the excretion pattern of haem precursors varied between individuals; some had a pattern typical of acute intermittent(More)
Acute porphyria afflicts a large kindred in Chester that stems from a marriage in 1896 that has produced 200 descendants; this is the largest porphyric kindred to be identified in the United Kingdom. Six members aged 51 or under died from the condition over the past eight years. The diagnosis of porphyria was overlooked in some as the symptoms may mimic(More)
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