M R Paling

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Adrenal masses are described in seven cases of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in a series of 173 patients. In all seven patients the lymphoma was diffuse rather than nodular. Three patients had adrenal masses at the time of presentation, whereas in four cases the adrenal gland was a site of tumor recurrence after therapy. Three patients had simultaneous bilateral(More)
Skeletal metastases from colorectal carcinoma are unusual and osteoblastic metastases are quite rare. Three cases are described in which an isolated recurrence of a previous colorectal carcinoma occurred within the pelvic bones, without evidence of skeletal metastases elsewhere so that local spread via portocaval anastomoses in the pelvis is postulated. In(More)
Respiratory motion commonly produces degradation of image quality on magnetic resonance scans of the upper abdomen due to artifacts produced in the direction of the phase encoding gradient. Such artifacts may be reduced, although not eliminated, on image sequences obtained with relatively short acquisition times by means of breath holding during the middle(More)
Seven patients who had tumors arising in the anterior face or paranasal sinuses and invasion of the anterior skull base were evaluated with magnetic resonance (MR) and high resolution CT. Magnetic resonance was superior in evaluating tumor encasement of the carotid artery and invasion of the cavernous sinus; for assessing the relationship of the tumor to(More)
The computed tomographic findings in 11 cases of malignant fibrous histiocytoma are discussed. The typical appearance of the eight primary tumors imaged was of a poorly marginated mass with an attenuation coefficient slightly lower than that of normal muscle. Central tumor necrosis was detected in three cases. Three of five abdominal tumors showed(More)
Twenty patients with known liver metastases were examined with magnetic resonance imaging; four different pulse sequences were used and six different images were produced to allow comparison of pulse sequence performance at a 1.0-T field strength. Pulse sequence performance was in each case calculated by measuring contrast-to-noise ratios (C/N) comparing(More)
The ultrasonic appearance of pelvic tumor and intra-abdominal dissemination is reported in 57 patients with advanced ovarian carcinoma. The primary pelvic tumor was found to be solid or mixed solid-cystic. In no case was the primary malignancy exclusively cystic. In 23 patients, intra-abdominal extrapelvic tumor was detectable, and in eight patients there(More)
An unusually high prevalence (10%) of scoliosis is described in a series of 151 patients aged four years and older with cystic fibrosis. The scolioses were of the late onset (juvenile and adolescent) type, being typically thoracic with the curve convex to the right, although there was no significant preference for either sex. No direct relationship was(More)
Complete occlusion of the renal vein in five rabbits with the kidney in its normal position was followed by high-resolution ultrasound. Early changes consisted of moderate renal enlargement and a diffuse increase in renal echogenicity with a fine echo pattern. On the average, renal length increased by only 13%. Delayed changes were a gradual reduction in(More)