M R Medzhidov

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Intraoperative clinical effects and the results of destruction were demonstrated in 31 patients with various forms of torticollis spastica subjected to operation on the interstitial nucleus of Cajal. The intraoperative clinical complex of symptoms was formed of changes of the toxic and clonic activity of the neck muscles and transient oculomotor and(More)
The authors investigated the characteristics of motor disorders in patients with spastic torticollis. The study involved registration of volitional tensions of the neck muscles in isometric conditions, i.e., when the patient's head was rigidly fixed with regard to the body. Using a tensometric dynamometer the following three moments of force were measured:(More)
The article describes the results of electromyographic examination of the muscles of the neck in 26 patients with spasmodic torticollis. Electromyography was performed before and after stereotaxic operative interventions on the nucleus of Cajal or in combination with the diencephalic structures. It is shown that electromyographic examination of patients,(More)
The neurons of mesencephalic nuclear structures were studied by microelectrode techniques for functional identification of the interstitial nucleus of Cajal during 18 stereotaxic operations on patients with torticollis. It is shown that the use of microneuronography for functional identification of structures of the pretectal region and mesencephalic(More)
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